Laughter is the best medicine

Sometimes making a joke is the best therapy there is.

Staff Writer

Anxiety is no laughing matter, but humor is a popular coping mechanism.

With all this heavy subject matter, we all would benefit from a few laughs.

Our idea? Memes.

Memes can elicit a quick chuckle (or a heavy exhale though your nose) and can brighten the mood.

Some days we all feel like Harold, smiling through the pain.


Other days, we feel like Success Kid, even when celebrating small victories.


Memes are a great way to share thoughts and opinions on all kinds of subject matter and are accessible and relatable, even when the topic is serious.


You’ve seen a few of our anxiety memes; now we want to see yours.

“What’s my motivation?” you ask. “Why take time out of my day to make not a dank meme, but a school-appropriate one?”

Well, we’ll plug your Twitter, Instagram and any other social media platform you want to advertise. Who doesn’t love social media followers?


  1. Meme must be used in the correct context. No one likes an improperly used meme.
  2. Memes must be PG rated. Even though we’re going for humour, let’s keep it appropriate.
  3. Submissions must be sent to Submissions will be looked at on a first come, first serve basis.

Never meme’d before? Check out for proper usage. The website also provides templates. In addition, is slightly more user-friendly for meme creation.